Sunlit Bacteriostatic Silky Liquid Detergent

Sunlit Bacteriostatic Silky Liquid Detergent

  • ₦6,000.00
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Preserves natural color,non-phosphorus, mild in nature, natural and fresh, easy to rinse.

Has added antibacterial components: Sunlit Adopts high-efficiency antibacterial formula, curbing bacterial growth effectively. A Special instant stain-removing factor eliminates stubborn stains from clothes thoroughly and makes clothes as bright as a new. Pure plant flavor spices give the clothes a natural fragrance. Rich in DP-300 antibacterial ingredient, long-term bacteriostatic and safe from stimulation

(1) Dual efficiency stain-removing ingredients with high cleaning effectiveness deeply cleans clothes eliminating multiple stubborn stains on clothes
(2) It effectively curbs mites in clothes and prevents the growth of various insects, bacteria without any side effects to humans and damage to clothes.

(3) Can be used to clean and sterilize clothes of medical staff, infants, home draping, and curtains, etc.
(4) Long-term bacteriostatic, Odorless enough to dry up indoors.

Standard usage: Standard usage: 1-3 clothes, 1/10 cup; 4-5 clothes, 1/5 cup; 8-10 clothes, 1/3 cup

Main ingredients: Deionized Water, natural mild surfactant (contains dual efficiency stain-removing ingredient), DP-300, EDTA-NA2, and fragrance.

Precautions: Suitable for cotton, flax, chemical fiber and blending clothes Suitable for multi-colored clothes; wash the easy-to-fade clothes separately Store in a cool and dry place and out of reach of children.
In case of contact with eyes or mouth, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical attention.