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Hepatitis C cure

A month dosage for chronic status: 4 bottles of Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver, 4 bottles of Liquid Chlorophyll Concentrate. 

Thereafter, For maintenance or viral early stage which is within 5 weeks of detecting: 2 bottles of Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver, 2 bottle of liquid chlorophyll concentrate, 1 bottle of Immune+ Capsule and 1 bottle of MEBO GI Capsules.


Hepatitis C can only be cured using the aggressive strategy consisting of these four supplements.

The most powerful general purpose anti-pathogen that alternative medicine has is the Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver, but silver alone has always had unimpressive results against hepatitis, which is likely due to the pathogen's ability to hide and hibernate whenever it is threatened.

Hesed Organics Colloidal silver literally could provide us with the silver bullet that we need, but it alone is ineffective because it lacks enough penetrating power to saturate where the hepatitis hides. The answer to obtaining that penetration is chlorophyll. It is the green compound that is made by plants which is used by the human body to pull the minerals from vegetables directly into the cells.

During an attempt to kill or neutralize hepatitis, start with  Hesed Organics colloidal silver that is mixed with chlorophyll.

Get maximum direct blood absorption by holding the mixture in your mouth for some minutes before swallowing. Take 5 tablespoons (2.5 fluid ounces) of high quality colloidal silver mixed with 15-20 drops of liquid chlorophyll concentrate 5 times daily for 1 month. Thereafter, Start maintaining with MEBO GI CAPS and occasionally taking Hesed Organics Colloidal Silver, chlorophyll concentrate and Immune Capsules.