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Concentrated Liquid Chlorophyll

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Chlorophyll is what gives plants their green pigment. It is also responsible for channeling the sun's rays into chemical energy for photosynthesis in all plants. Photosynthesis is the transformation of carbon dioxide and water into useful carbohydrates and oxygen. In human beings, chlorophyll is one of the few substances that pulls more oxygen into the cells, while simultaneously protecting all of the cells from oxidative (free radical) damage

Chlorophyll is best purchased as a liquid concentrate. Multiple drops may be added to drinks or swallowed straight. Supplementation with chlorophyll provides a long-lasting boost of energy, by somehow increasing the overall oxygenation of cells to enhance respiration, but this process is not well understood.

Almost every bodily process is somehow related to oxygen usage. As a result, chlorophyll has shown to help its users resist not only cancers, but also diabetes, hepatitis C and heart disease. According to the Linus Pauling Institute, chlorophyll has historically been used to speed the recovery of bruising, and as an internal deodorant. Chlorophyll is sometimes mixed in ointments, and applied topically to wounds, but we recommend against eliminating bruises with pure chlorophyll drops, because concentrated chlorophyll stains skin a greenish-black. Nevertheless, chlorophyll was well recognized as the most effective way to quickly eliminate bruising in the mid-twentieth century, likely due to its high concentration of copper.

Despite 50 years of study, chlorophyll has never shown any toxic effects. Through the act of providing more oxygen to the cells, chlorophyll increases energy, improves concentration, boosts the immune system, aids the body to cleanse itself, and prevents some cancers. It contains magnesium and copper, which are minerals that the overwhelming majority of Americans are deficient in. Magnesium deficiencies lead to heart attacks, migraines, depression, insomnia, and irritability. The copper is necessary for a body to utilize zinc.

Most people should supplement with small amount of chlorophyll daily, for optimal benefit. There are no side-effects, and it is essential for the proper functioning of the body. It is fairly tasteless when mixed with juices. The improved energy and concentration derived from it are remarkable. Kids will love the fact that chlorophyll drops will make their mouths green when placed directly on the tongue, which is the fastest way to absorb it. The concentrated form is more natural and effective than weaker competing solutions with additives. A person using chlorophyll will feel the difference in energy, which happens from almost immediately to hours later

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